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What is pickshare?

Pickshare® is the innovative and interactive logistics platform for the last mile. Via the pickshare® app every recipient can have his parcels delivered to his desired PICKPLACE in his surroundings. PICKPLACES are shops or private person that securely accept and bundle parcels of all providers at the same time close to you. Thus local shopping locations can be supported and the consumer can overcome the flood of parcels.

Once selected, the recipient can use his PICKPLACE as an alternative shipping address for all of his orders. As soon as a parcel arrives at its PICKPLACE, the recipient rececives a push notification on its smartphone. This also applies to pick-APPs generated by the PICKPLACE itself, such as the cleaned shirts or the repaired smartwatch.

Furthermore the recipient has a choice. One can collect and bundle the parcels and pick them APP oneself or one shares pick-APPs with friends, neighbors or family members via the app. Shared pick-APPs by the community can be rewarded with so called SHARECOLINS, which one can collect and redeem as a voucher at the PICKPLACES.

Why should you use pickshare®?

Because pickshare® makes parcel delivery convenient and suitable for everyday life for the first time. You have full control and freedom to decide when and how you want to receive your parcels. It doesn’t matter which provider delivers them, because you can have all your parcels bundles at one PICKPLACE.

You can also use pickshare® to build your own personal social network – your community. This way you, your friends and neighbors can save a lot of time. Besides you are kind to the environment. Because with pickshare® you avoid misdelivery and thus a lot of traffic, noise and emissions. Hence you contribute to an attractive environment in your city.

How does it work?

  1. Create your pickshare® account

Download the pickshare® app in the respective Store and register directly in the App. Just follow the instructions.

  1. Choose your PICKPLACE

Search for the PICKPLACE which suits you best or suggest a shop you would like to use as an alternative shipping address.

  1. Add your PICKPLACE as your shipping address.

The address of your PICKPOINT and your individual pickshare ID can be found under settings. Just copy and paste them as your shipping address into your online shops. Now you can have your orders delivered to your PICKPLACE.

  1. Pick APP your parcel your way.

Once your parcel has arrived at your PICKPLACE, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Now all you need to do is drive by your PICKPLACE and pick APP your parcel or share your it with your community and have your parcel brought to you by a friend.

Which service providers are included in pickshare®?
Your selected PICKPLACE takes deliveries from all service providers for you.

Where can I find the business hours of my PICKPLACE?
The daily business hours of your PICKPLACE are displayed directly below the respective parcel. You can also jump into the detail view of your PICKPLACE, which reveals additional information, such as the number of parking lots etc.

How much does pickshare cost?
The pickshare app is completely free of charge for you. However every PICKPLACE can decide whether it wants to charge you for every pick APP or not. Simply have a look into the detail view before you choose your PICKPLACE.

We use SHARECOINS as specific paying system within our pickshare community. If your friends pick APP parcels for you, you can reward them with SHARECOINS. Furthermore a PICKPLACE can charge you SHARECOINS for your pick APPs.
If you are busy picking APP parcels for your community you can collect and redeem SHARECOINs as a voucher at your PICKPLACE.

How do I pick APP my parcels?
There are two ways to get your parcels:

  1. You pick them APP yourself

To do so, simply select “pick up” from the sorresponding parcel in your app. Now your app creates a code, which will be scanned at your PICKPLACE for handing out.

  1. Share your parcel with the community

Simply select “share” for the corresponding parcel. Your community will be notified and can offer you to pick APP. As soon as you confirm a pick APP via a friend, your code will be passed to him or her. When he hands over your parcel to you, you scan the pick APP code of your friend, so the system knows that your parcel has arrived safely.

How long can I pick APP my parcel?

Your PICKPLACE expects a pick APP within 14 days. However you can also state that you are on holiday. Just leave a comment within the detail view of the respective parcel. Then you can pick APP your parcel up to 30 days.

Can someone else pick up my parcels?

With pickshare members of your community can pick APP your parcels without having issues of authorization. Simply share your parcel with your community and wait for a friend to make an offer for picking APP. If you confirm the offer, the pick APP code will be referred to your friend, so he can pick APP your parcel without any paper work.

Can a private person send me a parcel to my PICKPLACE?

Whether online purchases or private sent parcels – you can have all your parcels sent to your PICKPLACE. If someone wants to send a private parcel to you, they must include your name, the address of your PICKPLACE and your pickshare-ID when sending. This ensures only you can get your parcel. You can check your pickshare-ID in your settings any time.

Can I return my parcels at my PICKPLACE?

At the moment you cannot send back your parcels via your PICKPLACE. But we are working with high pressure on making this happen!

Do I need an identification document for picking APP?

No, because your pickshare-ID and the individual pick APP code ensures only you or the person authorized can pick APP your parcels.

What can I send to my PICKPLACE?

Your PICKPLACE accepts all standard shipments.

I cannot find a PICKPLACE near me, what can I do?

If you cannot find a PICKPLACE near you, you can suggest stores or friends as PICKPLACES. We will then contact the owner and suggest that they register. If they do so, you will be informed immediately. Of course you can suggest stores, although there are other PICKPLACES close to you.

Where can I find my pickshare-ID?

You can see your pickshare-ID directly in the setting of the app. There you will find all the information you need for your orders.

Why do I need a pickshare-ID?

Your pickshare-ID assigns your parcels to you. It is the most important information when using pickshare, as it enables to assign your parcels unambiguously to you.

Can I pick APP my package the same day?

Of course you can pick APP your parcels immediately after receiving the notification.

Can I contact my PICKPLACE?

You can communicate with your PICKPLACE via the comment function of the respective parcel. Of course, he can also be reached by telephone or other means if he has published his contact information within his detailed information.

I have problems to log in, what can I do?

If for some reason you are unable to log in and need to reset your password, simply open the pickshare app and choose “Forgot password”. Now follow the instructions in the app.

If you experience any other problem with your account, please contact us so we can help you solving it.

What happens if my package is lost or broken?

Of course your packages are safe with us and your PICKPLACE. And should something get lost, we can trace exactly where your parcel got lost and support you with the complaint.

I haven’t received a push message for my package, what should I do?

Push messages can be deactivated in the settings of the app and your smartphone. Just check the appropriate settings.

I think my package is lost, what should I do?

Please contact us directly via the support function in the app, we will try to find your package as soon as possible.

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